Kids Environmental Posters Plant


Kids Environmental Posters Plant

  • Poster Size: 11×17.
  • Composition: 110 lb. heavyweight card-stock.
  • Quality: Sharp resolution, detail, and colors.
  • White border trim space added for matting (if desired).
  • Good for 11×17, 13×19, and 16×20″ frames. Looks great matted!
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Kids Environmental Posters Plant illustrates how the simple act of planting a seed contributes to our daily lives. Kids Environmental Posters Plant is designed to help bring awareness to children to environmental issues. In order to help kids, grasp the message, we’ve illustrated the poster with cartoon images, humor, and basic vocabulary.

Basically, our goal is to teach children that there are important Earth, Ocean and Air issues that plague our planet and its ecosystems. We hope that our visuals will help promote healthy discussion among children and adults regarding the environment. Further, we hope the discussions will lead to addressing the problems endangering our planet. In the end, our children and grandchildren will inherit what we as parents, grandparents, teachers, and role models leave them. So, let’s clean up this planet. Then, they too can one day lead by example.

Kids Environmental Posters Plant


Plants are the basis of ecosystems and purify air and water. Green plants combine sunlight and carbon dioxide, through the process of photosynthesis, to fresh air. With every breath we take, we depend on the oxygen that is given off by plants. Plants also are part of the water cycle. 90% or more of the water that is absorbed a plant’s roots, is eventually released back into the atmosphere. References: