Children’s Learning Aids Teachables

Children’s Learning Aids Teachables is a segmented early childhood learning aid designed for children in Pre-K to 1st Grade. Teachables helps children acquire basic foundational academic skills, such as Addition, Alphabet, and Counting. Also, our game of Bingo helps improve coordination, basic shapes and object recognition, focus and concentration, and the alphabet. In addition, it helps acquire basic critical thinking skills, such as observing, analyzing, and applying.

Intended use…

If you’re an elementary school educator or home school parent, please note that this product is not intended to replace federal or state curriculums, such as Common Core or an Alternative standard. Also, this is not a subscription-based digital education program that requires a desktop computer, with attached monthly payments. Instead, it is intended to be used only as an additional tool to help reinforce or be added to your current lesson plan.

Children’s Learning Aids Teachables:

  • Reusable transparent binder helps reduce printer paper and ink waste.
  • For use with recommended washable dry erase crayons or markers (see below for recommendations).
  • Large 8.5″ x 11″ cards designed with cutting lines for creating flash cards.
  • Individual subject packets available for $9.99. Packets include 1 transparent binder and 1 felt eraser.
  • Or, order “Children’s Learning Aids COMBO” or “Children’s Learning Aids BUNDLE” with FREE shipping.
  • Each subject pack includes 1 transparent binder and 1 felt eraser.
Children's Learning Aids Teachables