New Family Tabletop Game “Free The Bugs” is a new family board game. It is a new addition to the “World of The Incy Wincies” collection of family recreational products. Designed for ages 5 to adult, this 2-4 players game takes an average of 20 laughing and suspenseful minutes to play. The object of the game is for a player to free 4 bugs. First player to do so wins the game. However, there’s a catch…literally! Grouchy The-Bug-Catcher is on the hunt. Wielding his bug catching net, Grouchy is determined to place you right back in your jar.

Our game helps teach children basic colors, and counting. In addition, it helps improve critical thinking skills, such as observing, analyzing and applying. Further, the game helps improve memory formation and essential cognitive skills, such as decision making, and problem solving.

The game is printed on high quality canvas, with vibrant colorful illustrations of the Incy Wincies to keep your child’s attention. All in all, these features, and the simple gameplay rules makes this family board game a child, parent, and educator favorite. Great for home, classrooms, small groups, seniors, party favors, and as a gift.

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New Family Tabletop Game

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New Family Tabletop Game

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