New Family Card Game


New Family Card Game “Catch a Bug” is an easy to play family game. Capture 4 bugs in order to win. Risk, strategy, and guessing involved. 2 to 4 players and only 15 minutes game time.

Catch A Bug Card Game



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New Family Card Game “Catch A Bug.” A new and exciting game designed for family entertainment, classrooms, or small groups. New Family Card Game “Catch A Bug” is a simple, suspenseful, and yet quite competitive. Moreover, be prepared for challenging decision making with unexpected hilarious outcomes. This wholesome family game is designed for 2-4 players, ages 5 to adult. In addition, it only takes 10-15 minutes to play. The object of the game is quite simple — accumulate/catch any combination of 4 Bug cards and you win!

But not so fast! Your opponents will not make winning that easy – they too will use risk and strategy to keep you on your toes, keep you guessing, and stop you from winning.

Perfect for large classrooms or small church groups, such as youth groups or children’s ministry. Our game has even grown in popularity among seniors at certain senior living institutions. Yes, even seniors deserve a good hardy laugh.

New Family Card Game
  • Helps Teach: Critical thinking skills, such as observing, analyzing, and applying.
  • Helps Teach: Basic colors, and counting.
  • Parent Approved: Positive feedback from parents who’ve played with their kids.
  • School Recess: Perfect for Kindergarten and Grade School “Brain Break.”
  • Age Group: Ages 5 and above.
  • Contents: 48 game cards, and 1 rule card.