Kids Encouragement Poster Stay Strong


These series of colorful encouragement posters are designed to inspire, encourage, support, and praise children. They arrive in clear polybags. with cardboard backing.

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Kids Encouragement Poster Stay Strong sends a simple motivating message designed to encourage and inspire children. Helps put a smile on an ailing child’s face, as well as instilling hope  and courage.

Basically, we combine colorful and comical illustrations, with simple comforting words. Our messages range from “Be Brave” to “You Shine.”

Kids Encouragement Poster Stay Strong Features

  • Size: 11×17
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Printed on glossy heavyweight cardstock
  • Vibrant detailed colors

A Simple Message

We understand that illnesses and cures vary. While one illness may be cured with treatment, others, unfortunately, may have none. In both cases, finding the right words to bring comfort, even if for a moment, may not be that easy. In fact, occasionally the words we use may not be appropriate under the circumstance.

So rather than saying things will be all right if a condition is terminal, an encouraging word or two may be more appropriate. Staying focused and supportive during these times of need can make the time more manageable.

What happens when you can’t honestly say that things are going to get better? And what words of comfort will you use to put a smile on their faces?

“Laughter is the Best Medicine”