Thank You Police Poster


Thank You Police Poster shows Bella The Butterfly in her superhero costume, Wonder Woman, shaking hands with her favorite police officer. Poster is placed in a clear strong puncture resistant bag, with cardboard backing.

Thank You Police Poster



Thank You Police Poster features Incy Hero Bella The Butterfly in her favorite superhero costume, Wonder Woman. Law Enforcement, such as police officers are those who protect and serve civilians. They are vital to keeping the peace and protecting our communities. Thank You Police Poster illustrates how a simple handshake and smile takes very little effort. As you can see, Bella is very fond of her favorite police officer. Finally, we hope The Incy Wincies will set a good example as goodwill ambassadors.

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  • Poster Size: 11×17.
  • Printed on glossy 110lb heavyweight card-stock.
  • Placed in a clear polypropylene bag, with cardboard backing.
  • Vibrant detailed colors.

The Wonder Woman costume and character are registered trademarks and/or copyrights of DC Comics.