Dry Erase Markers

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Dry Erase Markers 12 count/10 colors. Perfect for use on virtually all smooth surfaces. Teacher and parent’s favorite choice for use with our Teachables reusable learning aids.


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Dry Erase Markers 10 colors. Excellent low odor fine markers recommended for use with our Teachables Transparent Binder. Perfect for use on most smooth surfaces including whiteboard, mirror, glass, paper cards, and ceramic tiles. Not for use on blackboards/chalkboard. Easily wipes off the binder surface leaving no residue when wiped with the enclosed erase cloth, felt eraser, or soft dry cloth.

Dry Erase Markers Features:
  • Safe: certified non-toxic ink and special low odor formula
  • Vibrant Colors: vivid color highly visible even in long-distance, perfect for settings like class lectures and office meetings
  • Writing Ease: quick-drying and streak free, no broken ink marks and no ink-leakage. Water-based ink is simple to wipe off using a cloth. Smear-proof leaves no ghost on the surface
  • Fine Tip: dry erase marker rolls fluently on most smooth surfaces including whiteboards (not for blackboards/chalkboards), mirror, glass, paper cards, and ceramic tiles
  • Perfect for use with our “Teachables” children’s educational learning aids
About Teachables:

Teachables is a segmented early childhood learning aid designed for children in Pre-K to 1st Grade. It helps acquire basic foundational academic skills, such as Addition, the Alphabet, and Counting. Also, it improves basic coloring and drawing techniques, animal and shape recognition with the Bingo packet, as well as lower and upper case letter principals. In addition, it helps acquire basic critical thinking skills, such as observing, analyzing, and applying.