Children’s Learning Aid Addition


Children’s Learning Aid Addition is a valuable educational aid designed to help teach kids basic one to ten adding and writing principals.

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Children’s Learning Aid Addition “Teachables” is one of four reusable learning aids designed to help children acquire foundational academic and critical thinking skills. “Teachables” packets consist of “Alphabet”, “Addition”, “Counting” and the game of “BINGO” with a twist.

Children’s Learning Aid Addition packet focuses on Basic Addition Principles and Problem-Solving, and Adding and Writing Numbers 1-10. It includes 1 free felt eraser, and 1 Transparent Binder allowing a child to write, color, trace then erase and practice again. The reusable binder helps reduce paper and printer ink waste, which is music to a teacher and parents’ ear.

Please note:

This product is not intended to replace traditional public school teaching curriculums. However, they do make excellent additions to current Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade public school curriculums for homeschool parents and educators.

Children’s Learning Aid Addition Features:

  • 9 Large (8.5″ x 11″) Reusable Cards, Over 100 Recolorable Images, 1 Eco-Friendly Felt Eraser.
  • For use with our recommended Crayola Washable Dry Erase Crayons or Volcanics Dry Erase Markers.
  • Reusable transparent binder helps save trees and printer ink!
  • Makes Early Childhood Learning fun, simple, and colorful!
  • Wipes off clean with enclosed felt eraser, tissue paper, or a soft dry cloth.
  • Subjects can be purchased as a set, or individually.

Subject Summary:

  • BINGO: Basic Shapes and Objects, Focus and Concentration, The Alphabet, and Critical Thinking Skills.
  • ALPHABET: Image Letter Recognition, Upper- and Lower-Case Letters, Short and Long Vowels, and Basic Objects.
  • COUNTING: Basic Counting Principles, Writing Numbers 1-10 in Standard and Written Form, Shapes and Colors, and Ordinal Numbers.
  • ADDITION: Basic Addition Principles, Writing Numbers 1-10 in Standard Form, & Problem Solving.

Children’s Learning Aid AdditionChildren's Learning Aid Addition