Educational products including, children’s learning aids “Teachables” for ages 3-6, environmental posters, and a downloadable coloring book.

Teachables is a segmented early childhood learning aid designed for children in Pre-K to 1st Grade. It helps acquire basic foundational academic skills, such as Addition, the Alphabet, and Counting. As well as, improves coordination, basic coloring and drawing, animals and shape recognition, and lower and upper case letter principals.

Teachables packets include a reusable transparent binder that helps reduce print paper, ink, and workbook waste and a free felt eraser. For use with Washable Dry Erase Crayons and/or Dry Erase Markers.

Our downloadable Coloring Activity Book contains 74-pages filled with large detailed images of The Incy Wincies in hilarious poses, and in their natural habitats. In addition, you’ll find fun brain-teaser challenges, such as “Word Search” and “Color By Numbers.” Also, we’ve included environmental educational illustrations designed to help bring awareness to kids to environmental issues. Some of the illustrations, include beach and ocean pollution, and its affect on animals, and ecosystems.

Environmental Posters for Kids and Teens are designed to help bring awareness to children to environmental issues. We use colorful and at times humorous cartoon illustrations to help draw attention to the simple messages. We’ve also created Superhero Environmental Posters using our characters donned in their favorite superhero costumes fighting environmental criminals.

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