Bundle of Teachables Children’s Learning Aids consisting of 1 packet each of Teachables subject, plus 1 free Transparent Binder, 1 felt eraser per packet, 12 Dry Erase Markers, and 1 Free Family Card Game “Catch-a-Bug.”

Teachables is a segmented subject early childhood educational learning aid designed for children in Pre-K to 1st Grade. It helps acquire basic foundational academic skills, such as Addition, Alphabet, and Counting. In addition, this includes the game of Bingo designed to teach focus and concentration, object recognition, and the alphabet.

Teachables Features:
  • Reusable transparent binder helps reduce printer paper and ink waste.
  • For use with recommended washable dry erase crayons or markers.
  • Large 8.5″ x 11″ cards designed with cutting lines for creating flash cards.
  • Individual subject packets available for $9.99. Packets include 1 transparent binder, and 1 felt eraser.
  • Order “Children’s Learning Aids COMBO” or “Children’s Learning Aids BUNDLE” for FREE shipping and/or discount pricing. Dry Erase Crayons and/or Markers available in COMBO option.

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