My name is Orlando.  I’m the creator of The Incy Wincies characters, named Buzz, Dottie, Crickee, and Bella.  They are the cornerstone of my company and have been incorporated into all of the products for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and encouraging children.

The characters were created several years ago for a board game intended simply to entertain my grandchildren. But the appeal for the game and characters soon grew. Children and parents wanted a copy – and so the journey began.

I was a very active teen. Played all the popular street games, from Skelly to Round-Up, and everything in between. Couldn’t sit still actually.  Mostly, because growing up in Alphabet City you had to outrun the gangs. Then there was this creative part of me where I’d spend plenty of indoor time drawing and tinkering.

I’d imagine toys I wanted then tried making them. I’d draw action figures, superheroes, and make things like soldiers, planes, and cars out of paper, cardboard, glue, wood, and anything else I could get my hands on. Looking back, I think it was more therapeutic than anything else.

Fast-forward roughly 40 years and my vision is the same today. To design things kids will enjoy and will hopefully have market value. “Chasing the Dream”, as one would say.

The products I’ve designed and developed are intended simply to put a smile on a kids face. To provide children with fun, educational challenges, and some good old fashion wholesome family time. Products that I would’ve enjoyed myself growing up.