My name is Orlando.  I’m the creator of The Incy Wincies characters, named Buzz, Dottie, Crickee, and Bella.  They are the cornerstone of my company and have been incorporated into all of my products for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and encouraging children.

The characters were created several years ago for a board game intended simply to entertain my grandchildren. But the appeal for the game and characters soon grew. Children and parents wanted a copy. And so, the journey began.

I grew up in Alphabet City (Lower East Side of Manhattan); played popular street games and sports like Skelly, Stick-Ball, and Basketball; and in my latter teen years Martial Arts became a passion. I have to admit, however, that self-defense was pretty much a necessity with street gangs running rampant everywhere you looked.

However, drawing and tinkering was also a passion. There was a creative part of me that imagined toys and games that I couldn’t have – then tried making them. I’d draw action figures, superheroes, and make things like soldiers, planes, and cars out of paper, cardboard, glue, wood, and anything else I could get my hands on.  I actually used some of my drawings for my portfolio for acceptance to The High School of Art and Design.

Life and dreams, however, has a way of abruptly changing course and such was my case. Having no real solid direction, good job to speak of, or any business vision…I was off to the military.

Fast-forward roughly 40 years – I’ve renewed passion and vision, and am now committed to chasing the dream that escaped me as a teen. Designing and developing games, toys, and educational products is what now consumes me. Putting a smile on a child’s face is what seems to matter most.