The Incy Wincies characters, named Buzz, Dottie, Crickee, and Bella are the cornerstone of my company. I have incorporated them into my products for the purpose of educating, entertaining, and encouraging children.

The characters were created several years ago for a board game intended simply to entertain my grandchildren. But the appeal for the game and characters soon grew. Children and parents wanted a copy. And so, the journey began.

Drawing and tinkering has always been a passion. As a youngster, I would draw action figures and superheroes then make them out of paper, cardboard, glue, wood, and anything else I could get my hands on. This favorite pastime consumed much of my time and would prove to come in very handy.

Fast-forward roughly 25 years…

It’s the PC age – and the timing couldn’t be better! Windows and Mac, Photoshop and Adobe. Tools of the trade that would help me bring my vision to life.

Fast-forward several years more…

With renewed vigor, passion, and updated software 😁, designing and developing new games, and educational products is what now consumes me. As a result, The Incy Wincies characters, products, and mission have evolved. Products, such as “Teachables” – a reusable educational line that help children acquire foundational academic and critical thinking skills has been developed. Environmental Posters – designed to help bring awareness to kids to environmental concerns and invite Discussion on topics like pollution and recycling has also been developed. Encouragement Posters – designed with humorous illustrations helps send warm uplifting messages to kids who may simply need encouragement.

I’m sure you see a pattern here…educate, educate, and educate. The Incy Wincies are a vehicle for learning. Whether they are educating kids on the environment and the power of compliment and affection, or teaching academic fundamentals, The Incy Wincies have become a learning resource for early childhood development.

And when it comes to the topic of the environment, a subject dear to my heart – my goal is to use the characters to help make a difference. In this age of countless environmental concerns, understanding the issues that our planet faces is key to making that difference. And because children are the future and fast learners, educating them at the earliest possible age will help achieve that goal.

I can only hope that this website’s content will continue to inspire, encourage, and teach children and adults alike.